Below you will find a selection of the work that I have designed and implemented, with links to more detailed implementation discussion. The most recently updated entries are listed first.

Community Companion


Visit at: http://www.four-oh-four.co.uk/cc/version0/
Initial website for a new community magazine startup, detailing advertising rates, coverage and other information.

Community Companion was conceived to provide a premium-quality, advertiser-funded local magazine that would be delivered free to local homes and businesses. Initially targeting the GU21 postcode area, the business was always intended to be scalable through franchising to neighbouring postcodes and other areas of the country. Unfortunately, due to the current economic circumstances, it proved impossible to secure the initial advertising revenue to enable the project to get off the ground. As a result the project is currently on hold.

The site has been designed for the first stage of the business, to serve as a simple reference for the concept and features of the publication during the sales process. Within the design, space was allocated for potential PPC advertising, and future expansion to include an online version of the advertising and editorial content in the magazine itself was a phase-two consideration. Navigation between different postcode areas would have been achieved by vertically-aligned tabs in the whitespace to the left of the main logo. A simple design, easy to use and fast to load, it fitted into the brand image that had been designed for the company very well and it is unfortunate that the project had to be postponed.

Website for Sarah Hay


Visit at: http://www.sarah-hay.co.uk/
Sarah has performed in a number of TV and West End productions and is actively performing cabaret at venues across the UK and in Europe.

This site was designed to showcase the wide range of roles and excellent reviews Sarah has gained in her performing work, and to provide contact details for people and organisations who might be interested in booking Sarah for roles or for a cabaret performance. Sarah's wide range of work presented an interesting selection of material for the project.

I was given a desired general "look and feel" along with the requirements for the site and, following a few design iterations, created this website as a result. The site is based around a bespoke PHP/MySQL Content Management System which allows editing of the many page sections, review quotes and media galleries. The galleries make use of Javascript to show and hide sections.



Visit at: http://www.four-oh-four.co.uk/
This website is a showcase of my work in the web arena.

Much of my commercial work in the web arena has been carried out on internal dashboards or intranet sites, which means that I have been unable to easily provide examples of the things I have worked on. As a result, I have created a number of web sites to serve as examples and this website to showcase them.

The design for this website is quite simple, but uses CSS to present the various pages in an interesting way which blends into the background image. It has been designed around a purpose-built, PHP-based Content Management System which allows me to easily change almost any content on the site without needing to edit files and use ftp connections. It is also designed to validate in XHTML strict.

Read more about this site >

European Laser Quest Champs, 2003


Visit at: http://www.four-oh-four.co.uk/elc2003/
Website supporting the second European Laser Quest Championships event, of which I was also a joint organiser.

This website was great fun putting together. Whilst recognisably similar to the 2001 ELC site, which I also designed, this had a much sharper appearance. The site included a menu which mimicked the side of a Laser Quest gun, complete with flashing LED's and alternating colour themes for the related pages. This event also marked a big effort from me as one of the organisers to gain some publicity and sponsorship for the event, but ultimately this was to amount to nothing.

The event marked the first attendance of a French team to a foreign tournament, and was also a fitting "Christening" to the new Swindon site, which had opened only a couple of months before the event. This site featured news updates in the style of an early blog, and also included breadcrumb navigation aids - the first time I'd used either technique.

World Laser Quest Challenge, 2004


Visit at: http://www.four-oh-four.co.uk/wlc/
Another site for a Laser Quest event I was jointly responsible for organising

After the success of our European Laser Quest Championships in 2001 and 2003, we decided to try to organise a truly global event in 2004, and invited the US and Canadian teams (who had their own annual tournament, the North-American Challenge) to join us. At first the signs were excellent with a number of teams registering to take part. Unfortunately, as we got closer and closer to the event, every single one of the North American teams dropped out, leaving us with what was effectively another European Championships event in all but name. No matter, though, as a massive 18 European teams had registered including five from France, so the event went ahead and was a great success.

This site marked my first use of CSS to style a web site, and also included Javascript functions to keep a small navigation panel visible no matter how far down the page the user scrolled, and to show when each page was last updated. The appearance of the site was switched away from the now-passé black, but Laser Quest takes place in a dark environment by its very definition, so dark colours were still the order of the day.

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